Repair Services

Austin Auto Interiors can give any ride the custom look. From classic to modern, Austin Auto Interiors can repair interiors for virtually any vehicle.

Austin Auto Interiors is ready to transform a stock or custom auto with a fresh new partial or full interior.

Our skilled craftsmen have over 30 years of combined experience to bring dreams to life, and to create award-winning interiors.

We’ll work to define the design, budget, and timeline for the interior upholstery project. With hundreds of fabrics, leathers and vinyl’s to choose from, we are confident we can find a style that fits each individual’s needs.

No project is too small or too large. We will help design an interior theme for any car. Once your design is complete and the materials have been chosen, we’ll schedule the in-shop time needed for the project. For complete interior restorations, we disassemble the original interior, create new patterns, restore the frames and springs, and build the interior from the ground up.

King Ranch Dying

Headliner Replacement

Flip down DVD monitors, Cigarette burn repairs, Water damage repairs – what do these things have in common? They are all reasons you might have for replacing the headliner in your vehicles. They are also all services that Rockstars Auto Reconditioning can provide. Sometimes you may just need to replace the headliner from wear and tear. Maybe you need an upgrade or maybe it is simply to restore it to its original glory. Whatever the reason, Rockstars Auto can help.

Suede, vinyl, leather, or velour- Headliner Replacements by Austin Auto Interiors in Austin, Texas is your one stop spot for Custom Headliners! Whether matching a new paint job or installing custom electronics, we can help. Cigarette smoke, water and moisture from flood damage, wind damage, and just day to day wear and tear will cause the adhesives in you vehicle’s headliner to breakdown and give out. However through Austin Auto Interiors’ auto headliner replacements and custom headliners you can have your vehicle in tip top shape. Whatever your needs, cigarette burns to sagging headliners, Austin Auto Interiors is your local Austin source for vehicle restorations.

Most normal body shops won’t touch headliner repairs. They do not have the skills and the know how to perform this service. But Austin Auto Interiors can! Our technicians are highly trained for just this purpose. Headliner damage or wear and tear is not usually replacement worthy interior damage, but when it is, why not let our highly skilled staff assist you with all of your headliner needs! Call or visit our convenient location in Round Rock. No appointment necessary.

Leather Refinishing and Dying

Trim and Dash Repair

Carpet Repair

Convertible Top Repair and Replacement

Convertible top life can be extended if the top is fitted and installed properly, spots that are wearing are caught and fixed early, and if periodic maintenance is performed. At Austin Auto Interiors, we offer:

  • Convertible top inspections. We will be glad to inspect your top to determine its condition, look for wear spots, and check fit and installation.
  • Repair of problems such as wear spots, small cuts, and fraying. Often a patch, new padding, or an adjustment of a pad will provide an economical repair that can postpone need for top replacement.
  • Perform periodic maintenance on tops, such as replacement of tension straps on BMWs.
  • Replacement of only part of the convertible top. If only the window or window curtain is damaged, the need to replace the complete convertible top may be alleviated.
  • Replacing your convertible top. If your top becomes so worn that it is beyond repair or is an eye sore, it will than your best decision will be to replace your top and or window.
  • If your convertible top is a cause for concern please visit us and we will be glad to inspect your top and discuss your options with you.
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